3D modelled and printed roof

As part of renovations on our house, we wanted to explore the possibility of extending into the loft. Unfortunately the roof on our house was an odd shape with many different parts and ridges.

When trying to consider how best to go about building in the loft, I wanted to model the existing layout of the roof as well a possibilities for extending. I could then use these designs when talking to the builders to show what we wanted.

Lucky, we had accurate sketches of the geometry of the house already when other work was done on our house. I spent some time modelling this in SketchUp:

3D roof design

And then simply print it out with my Monoprice Mini V2:

3D roof print
(Please forgive the rough edges, I didn't spend any time finishing it)

After conferring with a few different builders, using the model to better communicate what we had in mind, we decided not to proceed with any extension as it would be too complex and costly.