3D printed stand for Pirate Audio

As a gift, I received a Raspberry Pi Zero Pirate AudioMini HAT. I got it all set up with Mopidy but I wanted to have it displayed nicely on my desk so that I could easily glance over and see the current song/artists, as well as easily access the next/previous buttons.

Luckily, someone on Thingiverse had already created a flat case for the Rpi Zero with the Pirate Audio HAT attached. I have added to the design to create a 45 degree built in stand. The only complex part of this is that the Rpi is now used up-side-down because the power cable needed to come out of the top for clearance. There are settings on the built-in display to allow for a 180 degree rotation.

rpi audio design

rpi audio print

The design files for this print can be found on Thingiverse.