My first web site in 2001

Back in 2001, when I was 11 years old, my dad bought a website domain for me to use.

According to the Wayback Machine this site lasted from Sep 2001 to Jan 2004 and it looks exactly as you might expect an 11 year old to design a site at the turn of the millennium.

The index.html features the most rare of HTML artefacts these days: the horizontal scrolling marquee.
There was no PHP or CGI, no Javascript. Not even any CSS. We are just talking bare HTML. Also present is a lovely bit of clipart that I believe came straight from Microsoft Office at the time. Interestingly, you can see an advert banner at the top which was inserted on to the page by the domain registrar that we used at the time: Easyspace.

Each member of the family got their own page!


Looking through the source for the page, we can see that it was hosted on user space that our ISP at the time gave us:

Also in the HTML are the tell-tale signs of the IDE used to create the site. Microsoft Frontpage was my first foray into web site creation (swiftly followed by Macromedia Dreamweaver):

frontpage meta