2 very early Material Design Android apps

In 2014, Google announced a new design language, called Material Design, which it put forward as the newest iteration of standard for interaction on mobile devices. At the time, it was in a very early form, the details were quite sparse and there were no apps "in the wild" which used it. My plan was to follow the standards and rules as closely as possible and create some very basic apps and release them. The 2 apps that I ended up creating are detailed below:



The J.ToDo app has over 10k installs to date, and despite it being over 8 years old at time of writing (first released 11 May 2014), there are still 204 active installs on devices. The average rating is 4.2 from 467 reviews.

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JNotepad details

The J.Notepad app was released a year after the ToDo app and never did as well as my first one. It has over 5k installs in total and is still used on 117 device. It has a rating of 3.9 from 171 reviews.

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