Device Naming

I have taken to naming all my devices after celestial bodies, generally things in our Solar System 🌌.

Here is a list of some that I use on a regular basis:

☀️ Solar (Sun) - My WiFi router name because it bathes the house in its Internet-y goodness
🌍 Earth - My desktop PC because it is the device I use most often
🌙 Luna - My mobile phone because it is the closest thing to Earth when I am not at my desk
🪐 Jupiter - My home server. Originally I had a Raspberry Pi which was Mercury because it was small, then I upgraded to a more beefy machine so I wanted to use a bigger planet
🔵 Pluto - My VM server in "the cloud". The VM instance is tiny (the smallest GCP does) and so I choose the smallest celestial body in our solar system with a decent name.